Sunday, June 26, 2022

Moment Brit is hit in the face with a barbell after refusing to leave the bench press

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WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT: Gary Reed, 46, was hit in the head with a metal barbell at a Thai gym, resulting in a fractured eye socket, retinal hemorrhage and 60 stitches

CCTV footage shows the shocking moment a British gym-goer was brutally attacked with a barbell after refusing to give up the bench press while attending a gym in Thailand.

Gary Reed, 46, of Hastings, East Sussex, was exercising when an angry fitness fanatic stormed over claiming he was waiting to use the machine at Coco Fitness gym in Pattaya on the afternoon of May 17.

The ex-pat urged the Brit, who he had never met before, to use one of the others around him as he refused to give up gear before finishing his set.

He thought the aggressive stranger had accepted his compromise when he walked away.

However, the guy returned moments later with a seven-inch, 1-pound metal bar, which he then used to brutally smack him in the face.

Mr. Reed quickly staggered to his feet to confront his attacker and the pair were seen wrestling in front of cameras.

Speaking from hospital today (May 18), Gary described the horrific injuries he sustained from the ordeal, including a fractured eye socket, retinal hemorrhage and the need for 60 stitches.

Gary said: “There was no line to use the machines so I just lay down on the bench to start lifting like I normally do.

“You can see in the video that my weights were by the side of the bench the whole time, which basically means I’m still using them.

“Then this guy just came over and said he wanted to use the bench press. I said, ‘Dude, just let me finish, I’ll be done in two minutes’, but he didn’t want to. There were others available to use, so I think he was looking for a fight.

“I kept training, then he just came at me from behind like a coward and really hit me on the head. As for me, he could have killed me. If you hit someone in the head with a hammer, that’s like attempted murder.

“It was a piece of metal as big and almost as heavy as a hammer. I’m lucky it didn’t blow my mind.”

According to Gary, his attacker allegedly tried to continue his attack, but the altercation lasted less than a minute before Gary was able to hug him tightly before the attacker fled on foot.

Garry has now had to shell out 25,000 baht (£579) in medical expenses, which could increase if he needed surgery and more treatment – but he believes his attacker should be the one to foot the bill.

He added: “This guy was still trying to hit me, but I was strong enough to take him down, then he did it.

“I have a big hospital bill behind me, so he has to pay for it. I want the police to catch him so he can’t do this to anyone.”

The incident was reported to the police and the attacker has been identified but has not yet been arrested. Police have refused to identify him while the investigation is ongoing.

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Police Lt. Khunthum Khantiwong said: “We already have the attacker’s identity from the gym’s membership log and encourage him to cooperate so that he can explain his side as well.

“If he doesn’t surrender, we will find him and he will be questioned about the CCTV video attack.”

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