Saturday, June 25, 2022

Mistakes see a Ukrainian dachshund reach Britain before teenage owner flees war zone

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Ivan Pavliuk, 17, fled his home in Ukraine with only the clothes he was wearing, his birth certificate, passport and dog after Putin invaded and has been stuck in Germany ever since

A Ukrainian dachshund arrived in the UK ahead of its 17-year-old owner, who has been stranded in Germany after a series of mistakes.

Ivan Pavliuk has been unable to contact his mother and stepfather Svitlana and Jonathan Goodwin in Stoke-on-Trent after his visa was issued with an incorrect date of birth.

Ivan was staying with his aunt in Gevelsberg and was required to make the 40-mile journey to Dusseldorf to collect his replacement UK visa in person. When he arrived on Friday (June 17) he was told that no such visa existed.

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His pet dachshund, Cheze, is already living in Stoke-on-Trent, having received a pet passport in Germany.

Ivan has now been told to return to Düsseldorf where his visa is awaiting him, meaning he can finally join his family 10 weeks after the initial visa failure, reports StokeonTrentLive.

Ivan fled his home in Ivano-Frankivsk with only the clothes he was wearing, his birth certificate, passport and dog after Russian President Vladimir Putin launched the invasion.

Since then he has been living with this mother’s sister in Germany.

Stepfather Jonathan told StokeOnTrentLive that Ivan showed staff the printed email that the Visa Application Center had sent to the family’s lawyer on Wednesday June 15 but was told he already had his visa and despite the wrong one dates.

However, they gave him nothing in writing and when Jonathan’s lawyer asked the Home Office for advice, she was told that Ivan would not be allowed to travel on the visa that had been issued on April 11.

The family says they checked all the information they provided when applying for the Ukrainian family visa on March 18 and that the Interior Ministry was at fault.

Jonathan, 55, contacted MP Jonathan Gullis over the weekend, who told the family yesterday (June 21) they will be reunited with Ivan soon.

Jonathan said: “I would just like to thank MP Jonathan Gullis for his quick response in resolving this matter and bringing some common sense to the situation.

“This was an unnecessary stress and emotional roller coaster for months and could easily have been resolved more quickly if only someone at UK Immigration had managed to do their job competently.

“We are so happy to be a family again soon, but we won’t be celebrating until Ivan has his UK visa in hand.”

Gullis said: “I am very sorry to hear how badly Ivan has been treated so far. I cannot imagine the plight of his mother.

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“I have contacted Interior Ministry officials and Interior Ministry parliamentary assistants about Ivan’s case.

“My office today spoke directly to the Ministry of the Interior who escalated the case and in a further update this afternoon I was informed that Ivan’s corrected visa is now available for collection at the Visa Application Center in Dusseldorf.

“I will raise this unacceptable situation with the Minister responsible as mistakes that have caused significant anxiety and stress to this family should never have happened.”


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