Monday, November 29, 2021

Men stole ashes from dead Chinese influencer for “ghost marriage”

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After the popular Chinese influencer was cremated, a funeral home stole her ashes and conspired to sell them to buyers seeking “ghost marriages”.

A funeral servant in China reportedly stole the ashes of a popular Chinese influencer who died on a live stream with the intent of a “ghost marriage” while drinking pesticides.

The influencer named “Luoxiaomaomaozi” died after drinking pesticides during a live stream on the social media platform Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok.

The woman had previously expressed thoughts of suicide, and some users of the app encouraged her to drink the bottle of pesticide, according to Vice.

Chinese media reports confirmed that the woman died on October 15 after ambulance services tried to save her life.

In her last video, posted the day before, she talked about her depression and suggested that this could be “her last video”.

Luoxiaomaomaozi had a sizeable following on Douyin, who gained 678,000 followers and posted 38 videos on the app before her death.

After she was cremated, a funeral home stole her ashes and conspired with two others to sell them to buyers seeking “ghost marriages”.

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In some regions of China, there is a tradition of ghost marriage in which people attempt to marry off the dead, believing that even the dead souls must marry in order to maintain the prosperity of their descendants, according to the Malay Mail.

The tradition is 3000 years old and is usually carried on by parents who want their dead children to find mates. The practice has been banned in China for decades but has recently returned and a new market for “ghost broker” sellers is emerging online.

The three men’s plans were thwarted when they couldn’t find buyers for the ashes and were later arrested by police.

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