Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Man undresses and walks completely naked through the house in the middle of the zoom call

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The committee member attended a virtual meeting from home but apparently forgot to turn off his camera. The embarrassing mistake was broadcast to the public via livestream

A man was caught on camera removing his robe and walking around his house completely naked during a public gathering.

The awkward encounter happened Tuesday morning when members of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce held an online conference on Zoom.

The meeting, broadcast live to the public on Facebook, features a member stepping out of the hallway and taking off his robe.

The man seems to have no idea that the camera is on as he walks around his house naked.

At some point he will return to his computer and sit down to attend the meeting.

Other members of the committee do not respond to the accidental lighting of the camera.

At the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the failure of zoom meetings has become people’s favorite pastime.

A bizarre video filmed in Brazil shows councilors of Rio de Janeiro trying to continue their meeting while a naked man romps enthusiastically with an unknown woman.

A man appeared at an online trial with a very rude pseudonym and was labeled an “idiot” by the judge.

Nathaniel Saxton appeared on a drug paraphernalia census in the town of Three Rivers, Michigan, using a pseudonym as “Buttf *** er3000”.

Another hilarious bug was also discovered in a virtual courtroom. Attorney Rod Ponton was caught on video trying desperately to tell the judge that he was “not a cat”.

The conversation was going on when he asked, and one kitten’s mouth didn’t move in sync, “Can you hear me, judge?”

“I can hear you … I think it’s a filter,” says Judge Ferguson.

The lawyer replies, “I got my assistant here and she tried … I’m ready to move on. I’m here live. I’m not a cat.”

A humiliating video showed what happened when a young lad’s mother stepped completely naked into the background while he made a video call with his teacher and classmates.

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