Saturday, November 27, 2021

Man “set on fire and scarred for life by parents for marrying a lover without a blessing”

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WARNING, IMPRESSIVE CONTENT: Mugabarigira Jean Claude claims his own parents gave him a sleeping pill and set him on fire while unconscious, leaving him with scars for life

One man claims he was set alight and scarred for life by his parents after marrying his lover without their permission.

The incident allegedly took place at an unspecified location in Rwanda. Mugabarigira victim Jean Claude told Afrimax TV that he was now struggling with the painful injuries.

He has claimed his parents tried to match him with a woman he never met but turned down, and then introduced her to the woman he loves, Yvonne, who is now the mother of his three children.

He then went on to say that one day his parents came to see him and claimed they had added sleeping pills to his drink that made him pass out.

He claims that it was then doused with gasoline and set on fire.

After he was set on fire, neighbors stepped in and he was rescued before being in a coma in the hospital for the next 22 days.

Mugabarigira has also alleged that on the day he was released from the hospital, his parents showed up at his house and attacked him and his wife with stones.

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Pictures show severe injuries Mugabarigira sustained, with what appeared to be severe burns all over his body.

Yvonne has reportedly come out saying she will stand by and support her husband no matter what, as the two are reportedly considering moving home to avoid further attacks.

It is not clear whether the authorities are investigating the claims or whether the parents have been charged.

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