Saturday, June 25, 2022

Man killed by alligator while searching for frisbee in contaminated lake

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John S. Taylor Park, 47, is believed to have been ravaged and killed by an alligator while wading in polluted waters after attempting to retrieve his disc at a Florida Frisbee golf course

A 47-year-old man was killed by an alligator while trying to retrieve his Frisbee at a local park, police believe.

Largo Police Department (LPD) officials believe 47-year-old John S. Taylor Park probably entered the lake in Largo in search of a missing Frisbee before encountering the reptile.

It is believed that Park retrieved the Frisbee from the lake before being bitten by the reptile and later dying, with investigators initially believing he drowned.

Park was located on an 18-hole Frisbee golf course in Florida, America, with many of the holes running alongside the lake known for being populated by wild alligators and reptiles.

The dangerous reptiles live in the waters, with warning signs lining the shore alerting Frisbee disc players to the dangerous waters.

Signs scattered along the riverbank advise that alligators are in the water and that people should be wary of the predator and under no circumstances should they swim in the water.

Local disc golfer Ken Hostnick, 56, told the Tampa Bay Times that while he was unaware of the man who died, he did know of people who entered the lake to retrieve discs, despite the obvious risks.

Hostnick said: “These are unlucky people. Sometimes they dive into the lakes and pull out 40 disks. You can sell them for $5 a piece, and you can sell them for $10 a piece, depending on the quality.”

Park is said to have been ravaged and killed by an alligator that lived in the water after wading in to retrieve a disc he was using while playing on the course, The Mirror reported.

Charlie Goodpasture, 34, owner of PureLine Disc Gold, said, “When people come into town, that’s one of the courses I point people to to see the attraction of the big alligators.

“It’s something I warn people about when they come into town, just because we locals know there are quite a lot of alligators.”

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