Saturday, June 25, 2022

Man cut in half by forklift says dog never leaves him and ‘cries’ when in pain

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Loren Schauers, 20, says when he’s in pain, his German shepherd Atlas cries and stays by his side around the house, in what Ms Sabia Reiche describes as “protective mode”.

A man left with nothing under his waist and only one hand after a construction accident says his faithful dog never leaves his side.

Former construction worker Loren Schauers, 20, was miraculously rescued by doctors after falling 50 feet off a bridge and being crushed by a forklift in September 2019.

The young worker from Great Falls, Montana, USA, made the bold decision to have doctors perform a hemicorperectomy – amputating everything below his waist to save his life.

It was a decision Loren’s family did not take lightly, fearing he would resent them for keeping him alive without his body as he once knew it.

However, he made it easier for them when he woke up in the hospital and begged his sister to keep him alive, even if he was just a “head on a plate.”

In a touching tribute to his dog Atlas, Loren revealed how much his four-legged pal does for him at home, who they share with his wife Sabia Reiche and two cats.

During a live stream on the couple’s popular YouTube channel, Loren explained to viewers that Atlas was “crying because he sees I’m in pain.”

He continued, “Yeah it’s actually really cute, we should make a video of it, but yeah Atlas, whenever I’m in my wheelchair or not moving, he’ll be right there with me. He’s always right next to me.”

Loren turned to Atlas to say, “Isn’t that right, mate?”

Sabia, 23, whose last name is Loren, added, “As soon as Loren is out of bed, Atlas is like in protector mode and by his side, like ‘this is my human.'”

In the video, German shepherd Atlas dons a colorful bandana around his collar, which Sabia claims is quite loose despite appearances.

The pair went on to explain that Atlas bolsters were about three fingers tall before smothering him with loving punches.

Oddly enough, not everyone believes Loren’s harrowing story. Some internet special balls are spewing out a conspiracy theory claiming he digitally excised his missing body parts in an “elaborate scam”.

Sabia explained that the skepticism wasn’t just a few snide remarks about her YouTube videos, but an entire social media thread had been created to expose the pair as cheating.

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“There are people out there who think that we’re using CGI to make Loren’s limbs disappear and that it’s all a big scam,” Sabia said.

Loren previously addressed an “disrespectful” question that he and Sabia are tired of being asked.

He said on the Q&A stream: “One question we keep getting is how do we have sex and how do we get intimate.

“This is a very personal question that we will never answer or allude to as it is very disrespectful.”

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