Saturday, June 25, 2022

Mad Kremlin propagandists use Daily Star front page in bizarre attack on Boris Johnson

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Vladimir Putin used the Latest Page News’s humorous front-page joke about our Prime Minister as Pinocchio to try to trick the Russians into believing that Britain is worse off than him under Boris

Mad Vladimir Putin has been attempting to hijack the Latest Page News to fool war-ravaged Russians into thinking Britain was even worse off under Boris Johnson.

Potty President propagandists have blasted Britain for failing to ax the Prime Minister, who they claimed was either “lying or drunk”.

And they used our front-page cartoon of the Prime Minister with a Pinocchio nose to back up their crazy claim – apparently unaware it was a joke.

Russian TV presenter Olga Skabeyeva (corr) – nicknamed “Putin’s Iron Doll” – played fast and loose with the facts in a desperate attempt to convince Russians, no matter how bad life gets under their despot, that they are better off than the British.

With our satirical squirt, she said, “By the length of Johnson’s nose on the front page … it’s not hard to guess that he lies regularly.”

“It means he’s lying or drunk.”

She went on to blast the botched Tory coup to oust the Prime Minister after Partygate, telling state television: “In London they finally wanted to get rid of the alcoholic Johnson.

“Even his dissatisfied fellow party members tried to dismiss him.

“But Boris eventually got a vote of confidence and was protected from resignation for a year.

“Johnson himself wanted to prevent a vote altogether, arguing that the situation on the Ukrainian front was dire.

“So, as always, he was cynical and hypocritical.”

She said the fact that 211 Tory MPs backed the Prime Minister by 148 against in the confidence vote contradicted opinion polls which showed 59% of Brits wanted him to go.

“That’s their democracy. Boris stays,” she hissed.

Then she blasted a Ukrainian bakery that created a cute croissant called “Boris Johnson UK” in honor of the prime minister and used meringue on his trademark blonde locks.

“What is this disease?” she scolded.

Latest Page News readers criticized Skabeyeva for misreading her facts and failing to recognize the satire.

No one – not even Partygate probe Sue Gray – has claimed the Prime Minister is an “alcoholic”.

Her account of the Downing Street lockdown bashes accused officials of getting drunk – but not Boris.

Opinion polls are snapshots and do not affect the composition of government.

And although opponents have accused the Prime Minister of misleading the Commons by saying he was unaware No10 had broken the rules, he denies lying and has not been censored for it.

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Our front page was a tongue-in-cheek dig at Boris and while it may resonate with some Brits, we didn’t mean to imply in any way that he’s actually Pinocchio.

One reader opined: “The Russians have gone too far here. It’s ok if we try Boris. This is democracy. But they can keep their opinions to themselves.”

Another said: “Boris may be a bozo but he’s our bozo and he’s not a bloody dictator who supports mass murder and genocide.

“He’s clearly mad at the Russians, which suggests he did something right,” added another.

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