Saturday, August 6, 2022

Look: Police take away a little owl in New Zealand

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Bay of Plenty Police said in an Instagram post that Opotiki Senior Constables Marty Madsen and Willy Searle were working an late shift when they spotted an animal on the road that they initially thought was a hedgehog.

Aug 3 (News) — Two New Zealand police officers ended up hitching a ride with a tiny owl they found on a street.

Officers took a closer look and found the animal to be an owl that had been “circumcised by a car.”

“I put him in the car and shot back to town since Marty’s a little bird whisperer,” Searle said. “When I got back into town, he started warming up and flapping around a bit.”

Police officers decided to return the owl to the wild at Waiotahe Beach.

Searle said the encounter was “actually a bit of a privilege”.

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