Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Look: Arctic fox found scratching on Tennessee woman’s door

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Juniper Russo, the owner of For Fox Sake Wildlife Rescue, said a woman contacted the organization a few days ago to report that a silver fox was scratching at her back door on Soddy-Daisy, and Russo arrived and discovered that it was animal was an arctic fox.

21 September (News) — Animal rescuers in Tennessee said they are now taking care of an exotic fox found scratching at a resident’s back door in order to be let inside.

Russo shared photos of the fox on social media and was soon contacted by the animal’s last keeper. The man said the fox, Cooper, belonged to a friend but he brought the fox into his home after the pet showed signs of neglect.

“The habitat that he built for Cooper wasn’t really suitable for a fox, and he could escape pretty quickly, and so he ended up, you know, at a stranger’s house, pawing at the door,” Russo told WTVC-TV .

Russo said the man agreed to relinquish custody of Cooper to a sanctuary and that she gave him prescription foods to help him gain weight. She said her rescue is only approved for native fox species, so Cooper will have a new permanent home at Exotic Pet Wonderland in Knoxville.

Non-native foxes, including arctic foxes and fennec foxes, may be kept as pets in Tennessee without a permit.

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