Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Lib Dem MP Layla Moran deeply regrets doing paid work in Parliament’s office

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The MP from Oxford West and Abingdon attended a “Zoom” meeting last November to discuss political prisoners in Saudi Arabia

Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran said she “deeply regrets” having used her Westminster office for a paid non-parliamentary meeting.

The party’s spokeswoman for foreign affairs and international development has admitted to using her Commons office in Portcullis House for outside work.

The revelation of The times found that MPs from Oxford West and Abingdon were participating in a video conference call from their office on a panel discussion on the detention of political prisoners in Saudi Arabia.

Ms. Moran said the event, organized by the law firm Bindmans LLP, took place last November.

It was reported that the company paid her £ 3,000 for 40 hours of work.

In a statement, Ms. Moran said: “I worked with MPs from other parties with Bindmans on the detention of political prisoners in Saudi Arabia.

“I deeply regret that I ‘zoomed in’ from my office in Parliament for a meeting when Covid restrictions were in place.

“I take full responsibility for it and it won’t happen again.”

The results come after former Tory Cabinet Secretary Owen Paterson resigned amid a “mud fight” after discovering he broke lobbying rules in exchange for paid work for two companies. It was also found that he had used his parliamentary office to meet with private clients.

And this week, former Attorney General Sir Geoffrey Cox came under fire for allegedly doing extra paid work in parliament buildings. He denied allegations of breaching Commons rules while making more than £ 1 million as an attorney for clients including the British Virgin Islands.

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