Sunday, December 5, 2021

Lasers used – Poland: Belarus sends migrants to the border at night

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According to Polish reports, the Belarusian government is again bringing migrants to the border who were previously housed in a logistics center. You should come to Poland under cover of darkness.

According to Polish information, the Belarusian government is now again bringing migrants to the border between the two states. A spokeswoman for the Polish border guards said on Friday that hundreds of people were transported back to the border area during the night and asked to enter Poland in the dark. She spoke of about 500 people. Belarusian armed forces tried to blind Polish border guards with lasers in order to put them out of action.

“(The Belarusians) brought more migrants to the place where there was a forced crossing attempt,” Anna Michalska of the Polish border police told Reuters. “In the beginning there were 100 people, but then the Belarusian side put more people in trucks. Then it was 500 people.” Some migrants threw branches and four guards suffered minor injuries.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko first admitted in a BCC interview that his government had at least helped migrants. “We are Slavs. We have a heart. Our troops know that the migrants are going to Germany.”

“Maybe someone helped them. I won’t even look at this,” he added. But he denied having invited refugees. “I have you [der EU] said that I will not hold migrants at the border, will hold them at the border, and if they advance from now on I still will not stop them because they do not come to me, they are going to your country, “he said to BBC reporter Steve Rosenberg.

The media and journalists do not have access to the border area between Poland and Belarus and cannot independently verify the official reports.

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