Friday, May 6, 2022

Las Vegas driver pulled over for using fake license plate with Cracker Jack stickers

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Police identified the driver on Facebook as a fictitious Phyllis and uploaded photos of the license plate. The driver was also quoted.

Apr 29 (News) — The Clark County School District Police Department in Las Vegas pulled over a driver with a fake license plate that authorities say had Cracker Jack stickers on it.

“My vehicle is registered with a trust. If you name me for this, you are entering into a contract with the Trust,” the driver said.

“Following our brief and sweet investigation, Phyllis was issued some subpoenas and it appears we have contracted with a trust,” police continued.

The license plate had decals reading “DOT” and “2022.” Valid registrations would have included a sticker with one month and one year of renewal.

Recently, San Francisco police got caught in an unusual traffic stop when they stopped what turned out to be a self-driving vehicle.

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