Thursday, December 22, 2022

Kyiv officials hold a public debate on Banksy’s latest graffiti in Ukraine

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Nov 27 (News) — The Kyiv Regional Military Administration said on Sunday officials held a public meeting to discuss the latest graffiti by notorious British street artist Banksy in the country.

Banksy recently made headlines after unveiling new works in the Bucha, Borodyanka, Irpin and Gorenka settlements near Kyiv, officials said in a statement.

“They discussed the issue of how to protect, preserve and preserve the artist’s works, which transforms the appearance of this graffiti to the local community on a material, legal and symbolic level,” the statement said.

The Kyiv Regional Military Administration said Kyiv has become a new center for cultural pilgrimage, which should be taken into account in the city’s reconstruction after Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Banksy unveiled the new work in Borodyanka on Instagram earlier this month, confirming rumors that the graffiti artist had been to the war-torn country.

This work, posted to Banksy’s Instagram account, features a side view of a human figure performing a handstand on a pile of rubble, with hair tied back in a bun in his signature black and white stencil style.

Banksy didn’t provide a big caption for the new artwork, but did credit its location as in the town of Borodyanka — about 35 miles northwest of Kyiv. It was one of the first cities to be hit by Russian airstrikes after President Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion in February.

Banksy, who has remained anonymous for almost two decades despite his work, is known for working with socio-political messages.

Earlier this month, the European Union Intellectual Property Office ruled in Banksy’s favor in a trademark dispute with greeting card company Full Color Black that may have made it difficult for the street artist to maintain his anonymity.

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