Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Kim Jong-un vows to create an “invincible” North Korean military in a terrifying warning

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The North Korean dictator said he wanted to build an “invincible” military for North Korea. He also blew up the US, claiming it was the “root cause” of instability in the region

In a terrifying warning to the West, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un swore to build an “invincible” military.

The despot inspected a rare display of the Hermit State’s weapon systems and also accused the United States of being the “cause” of instability on the Korean peninsula.

He made the speech, flanked by a multitude of very large missiles.

It seemed like an attempt to drive a wedge between Washington and South Korea when he gave a speech at the Defense Development Exhibition Self-Defense-2021, an event marking the 76th birthday of the country’s ruling Labor Party.

Kim said his country’s primary goal is to have an “invincible military ability” that no one can question.

He launched an attack on US President Joe Biden’s claims that the country was not hostile to North Korea.

According to state media, he said: “I am very curious to see if there are people or countries who believe that [the US is not hostile].

“There is no basis in their actions for assuming that it is not hostile.”

North Korea is banned by the UN from testing ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons, but has repeatedly disregarded these bans and has been severely sanctioned as a result.

In the past few weeks, the withdrawn country has tested a long-range cruise missile. The fearsome train-fired weapon hit a target 800 km away from the sea precisely, the official Korean Central News Agency of Pyongyang reported.

Kim wore sandals with socks to the exhibit paired with a formal dark suit, which again sparked speculation outside of North Korea that this might be related to his health.

The dictator’s health has been the subject of heated debate in recent months, sparked by his apparently dramatic weight loss.

He is believed to have had medical problems related to his weight, including gout, which can cause foot swelling. In the past he had been seen hobbling in public.

Analyst Colin Zwirko, an analyst at NK News in Seoul, said: “He lost significant weight in a short period of time in May, and in September he was seen standing on padded mats during long speeches, which is not typical.”

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