Monday, August 8, 2022

Jerry Ward: The bodybuilder’s death came suddenly

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Jerry Ward was a bodybuilder and NPC/IFBB judge who died unexpectedly. He was only 46 years old.

His death was confirmed by promoter and judge Gary Udit in an Instagram post in late July 2022.

Ward’s cause of death is not yet clear. He had a YouTube channel and even posted a video a few hours before his death. He had 156,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Here’s what you need to know:

Udit’s post revealed that Ward died suddenly in Pennsylvania. It is reading:

This is Ward’s last Instagram post:

He leaves wife Erin Merritt:

RXMuscle’s Dave Palumbo said in a news update on YouTube that Jerry Ward, YouTube’s celebrity bodybuilder and bodybuilding coach, “passed.”

Palumbo said Ward was known for his educational and quirky videos “that people enjoyed.”

Ward did a live stream at the NPC Teen, Collegiate, and Masters Nationals. He’d complained that he thought he’d sprained a left rib, according to Palumbo, who added, “It bothered him.” He got a chair massage, but it felt worse afterwards. He said he was “really tired” and going to sleep. He stopped texting friends. A friend found him dead in his room.

“Jerry had died in his sleep,” Palumbo said. “…He passed away peacefully.” According to Palumbo, his wife flew in. “Jerry was just one of those guys that everyone liked.”

In Udit’s comments thread, people offered tributes and condolences. Here are some of them:

“😢😢😢 can’t believe this. When I walked off stage on Thursday, I just bumped my fist and talked to him.”

“Wtf, that hurts. Watch and follow him for years. 😢”

“I am so shocked to hear this news, Jerry believed in me and I was looking forward to seeing him at my upcoming show in Pittsburgh 😢💔 Love and prayers to Jerry’s family.”

“Rip Jerry. Always a great and positive person who has brought a lot to the sport of BB.”

“My heart breaks when I hear this🙏🏽 Jerry has always been incredible to me at every show and we had a great 15 minute conversation while I was heating up food yesterday morning. We send so many prayers to his family, our bodybuilding community.”

“So sorry… I only met him once but he was very nice to me.”

“Such a good guy, prayers go out to him and his loved ones. Thank you for sharing.”

“My heart 🥺, such a great person and mentor, he helped me so much with my first show. He will be so missed. I send my condolences to his family and loved ones.”

“Wow, that’s terribly devastating. I feel so sorry and sad for his family and for everyone around him who had the pleasure of knowing him. 😔”

“I’m so sorry to hear that. Saw him backstage, really nice guy. prayers for all.”

“Unique! Really great person!!🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼”

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