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Jeffrey Dahmer Now: Where is the serial killer today?

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Where is Milwaukee serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer now? is he alive today

no Jeffrey Dahmer is dead. The serial killer and cannibal who killed gay men primarily in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was murdered on November 28, 1994 at Columbia Correctional Institution, a Wisconsin prison.

Dahmer’s crimes were appalling. The bodies of the victims were decomposed in a vat at his home in Milwaukee, and he practiced cannibalism.

The Dahmer murders are receiving renewed attention with a new Netflix series. Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story began streaming on September 21, 2022. “In more than a decade, 17 teenagers and young men have been murdered by convicted murderer Jeffrey Dahmer. How did he evade arrest for so long?” asks the Netflix site for the show.

But nobody has to worry about Jeffrey Dahmer anymore.

Here’s what you need to know:

A 1994 Wisconsin State Journal article, which can be accessed via, states that Christopher Scarver, the inmate who killed Dahmer, said he “hit Jeffrey Dahmer in the head with a metal rod and leave him gurgling on the floor”.

“God told me to do it,” Scarver said, according to the article.

The article states that Scarver, then 25, murdered both Dahmer and wife-killer Jessue Anderson “while the three were cleaning a gymnasium.”

The State Journal article reported that Scarver “sang” as he entered the courtroom. The lyrics included: “Believe in love. Let love be the light that shows the way.”

A 1994 Associated Press article, also accessed through, stated that Dahmer died after being taken off life support. Anderson, who murdered his wife in a stabbing attack outside a Milwaukee restaurant, died in a hospital. According to Media Milwaukee, Anderson had wrongly blamed an innocent black man for the murder.

Dahmer had been tasked with cleaning a prison toilet when he was attacked, the article said.

Scarver, who was also serving a life sentence for murder, was the “only suspect,” according to the AP.

The article quoted Columbia County Sheriff James D. Smith as saying that “eight people were in the prison’s recreation area at the time of the attacks, including two wardens, a recreation director and other inmates.”

Anderson and Dahmer were found in different locations; Dahmer was spotted in a staff restroom “in a pool of blood,” according to the AP, while Anderson was spotted in a locker room.

The AP article states that a “bloody broomstick” was found near Dahmer.

Who was Scarver? He shot a man three times in the head, “demanding more money from the victim’s colleague after each shot,” according to the AP, and he “told a psychiatrist he was the son of God.”

For this crime he was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1992.

Dahmer has earned the nicknames “Milwaukee Monster” and “Milwaukee Cannibal.” A jury dismissed his plea of ​​insanity, and he was serving life sentences when he was murdered in prison.

Today, Scarver, 53, remains in prison but was shipped abroad, according to the Wisconsin Department of Justice database.

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