Sunday, January 16, 2022

Intelligence officer murdered in Cancun by thugs with ‘guns, drugs and radios’

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WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT: An intelligence officer in Mexico was murdered by gunmen in Cancun, leading to the arrest of three men and one woman caught with guns and drugs

An intelligence officer was murdered in Cancun, Mexico, by armed thugs carrying “pistols, drugs and civilian radios.”

Residents called 911 Thursday afternoon when Luis Alberto was attacked on the street by the Mexican Navy Secretariat.

When authorities rushed to the scene of the crime, they found his official ID, which confirmed that he was an intelligence officer.

The Attorney General’s Office (FGE) Investigative Police (PDI) quickly notified local city police in Benito Juarez, the municipality where the popular tourist spot of Cancun is located.

After a quick search of the area, police officers found a vehicle that matched the description given to them by eyewitnesses to the murder.

The police then confiscated the vehicle and arrested three men and a woman. They were found to be in possession of two firearms, drugs and civilian radio equipment.

A sustained crime spree in Cancun has seen officials and members of the public fall victim to deadly outbreaks of violence linked to the highly profitable drug trade.

In December, sun-seeking tourists were forced to run in fear for their lives at a “family-friendly” resort when a gang on jet skis opened fire on a crowded beach.

In the horrifying incident at the Oasis Palm Resort, tourists were caught in the middle of a “drug war” when five uniformed gunmen fired about 20 shots in the air before disembarking their watercraft and fleeing in plain clothes.

In November, the Mexican authorities deployed 1,500 National Guard soldiers to the state of Quintana Roo to keep the peace.

Aggressive demands for “protection money” from gangs have also resulted in a number of bars and local businesses closing their doors “until further notice”.

A public banner put up by organized criminals in front of a school in central Cancun listed several buildings by name and threatened them with armed attacks if they didn’t pay.

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