Sunday, October 2, 2022

Instagram Down Today: Users are now reporting issues

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Instagram is down for many people on September 22, 2022 as users report issues across the United States.

Down Detector is a website that measures social media outages. Around noon, a huge increase in problems with Instagram was reported.

Here’s what you need to know:

According to Down Detector, 87% of reported issues were related to Instagram’s app. Nine percent had login problems and 4 percent had problems with the website, according to Down Detector.

People left comments on the Down Detector website about the outage. “How can I eat my food without posting a picture of it first? I hope I’m not starving because of this…I’m haaaaay!” wrote one Instagram addict. “Bro feed is updating but when I go to my DMS it says the network request failed. tf?” wrote another person.

Some people said the app worked for them again but still had glitches. “Anyone starting an app working again? Mines buggy but it works and the layout is 2020 version of lmao,” one person wrote.

Others also said it shows an older version of Instagram. “Ig is back but I get the old version ugh it’s a pain does anyone have that too?” wrote one.

People took to other social media platforms namely Twitter to express their concern that Instagram was down. Some people shared memes, GIFs and made jokes about the situation.

The hashtag #InstagramCrash was also trending.

Some people took to Twitter to make sure it wasn’t their imagination. “Anyone else having trouble getting into their Instagram? it kept closing on me and now it wants me to re-login but won’t let me. wrote one.

“What’s going on with Instagram? brother are you alright I see you fall
#instagramdown“, wrote another. “I think of all my life issues when Instagram goes down for a few minutes. #Instagram down”, another wrote.

Instagram didn’t do it no official statement yet. The reason for the Instagram failure is not yet clear. Such outages have been a regular occurrence in the past and are usually resolved fairly quickly.

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