Wednesday, October 27, 2021

In the US state of Wyoming investigators reveal the cause of Gabby Petito’s death

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The case attracted worldwide attention: a young woman had not returned from a road trip with her fiancé. Her body was found weeks later. The autopsy is now complete.

In the case of the killed US American Gabby Petito, the police presented the results of the autopsy. The 22-year-old was strangled, said Teton County, Wyoming coroner, Brent Blue. The exact time of death is open. It is believed, however, that Petito was killed three to four weeks before her body was found. A few weeks ago, forensic medicine had declared that it had assumed a homicide in the case.

The case has attracted a lot of worldwide attention: 22-year-old Gabby Petitio has not returned from a tour of the USA. Her fiancé Brian Laundrie came back alone on September 1st, keeping silent. Petito’s body was finally found in Wyoming on September 19. Meanwhile, Laundrie has also disappeared. He is wanted by nationwide arrest warrant, even if he is not specifically linked to the death of his fiancée.

“We are only entrusted with determining the cause of death (…). Whoever committed the homicide is a matter for the law enforcement authorities,” said Blue. Images from a police officer’s body camera had emerged from the couple’s trip. The police stopped Petito and her boyfriend on suspicion of physical violence after an argument between the two.

The authorities are continuing to investigate the death of Gabby Petito. It still remains unclear what happened in the last week of August. At that time, Petito’s last sign of life had come, the last contact with the family.

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