Saturday, June 25, 2022

In nerve-wracking drone footage, an unsuspecting paddler is being pursued by a shark

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The bull shark was spotted in shallow water swimming near a Florida beach, where unsuspecting swimmers and paddlers had no idea just how close they were to the sea monster

Incredible drone footage has surfaced showing a bull shark chasing unsuspecting swimmers and a paddle boarder in close proximity to what appears to be a busy beach.

Paul Dabill, a drone photographer from Southeast Florida, USA, filmed the sea creature walking just meters away from a paddle boarder as he piloted the automated device on the beach.

Bull sharks are territorial by nature and easily provoked, preferring shallow coastal waters meaning they can often come into contact with humans.

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However, according to the National Wildlife Federation, shark attacks are “extremely rare.”

In the video Paul shot on Tuesday (June 14), the bull shark can be seen approaching shallow water and swimming past a paddler who has no idea of ​​the animal’s existence.

Due to the refraction of light on the water, the paddler was unable to spot the shark or see shadows in the water.

Eventually, the apex predator approaches the shore, where a swimmer is just returning to the beach.

Paul, who located the bull shark from a bird’s eye view, said, “Follow this bull shark on a trip to the beach as it passes a paddler, swimmer and snorkeler at Jupiter Inlet in Florida.

“They are very common. At certain times I see them every time I fly my drone.”

His video has reminded many viewers to be careful the next time they hit the water.

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One wrote: “I think next time I go to the beach I need someone on the shore with a drone to tell me if there’s a shark around.”

“Great video of a curious bull shark,” commented a second, and a third shared, “Apparently the shark was trying to figure out where to go!

“Interesting video plus a potentially scary situation with the snorkelers!”


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