Friday, August 12, 2022

I go with my head held high, Boris Johnson tells MPs, while Starmer takes aim at Sunak

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The Prime Minister said each of the eight candidates running to replace him would “wipe the floor with Captain crasharooney snoozefest”.

Attending what is likely to be his penultimate PMQs, Mr Johnson said that at the end of his three-year term, “Brexit is done”, “we have delivered the world’s first vaccine” and “have played a crucial role in protection”. the people of Ukraine before Vladimir Putin’s brutal invasion”.

Boris Johnson told MPs he was “proud of the leadership” he has given the country and will leave office “with his head held high”.

He conceded he would not be leaving “at the time of my election” but said he was proud of his record nonetheless.

Mr Johnson made the comments in response to Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer’s remark: “I’m really going to miss that weekly nonsense of his.”

Sir Keir began his questioning by launching an attack on former Chancellor Rishi Sunak and bringing up the Non-Dom tax debacle.

But the Prime Minister dismissed the questioning, saying each of the eight candidates running to succeed him would “wipe the floor with Captain crasharooney snoozefest”.

However, Sir Keir is not giving up, asking Mr Johnson if he agrees that “it’s time to end the absurd non-com status that allows the super-rich to dodge taxes in this country”.

The prime minister dodged the question, saying, “What I’m focused on is continuing to govern this country.”

He added: “To the best of my knowledge, everyone in this Parliament, everyone in this House, is paying their full rate of tax in this country.”

The Labor leader then appeared to launch an attack on the rest of the candidates vying to become the next Tory leader, saying they had promised “£330bn in freebies” and urging them to say how they would pay for it.

Sir Keir said: “Over the weekend the candidates set to replace him promised £330billion in freebies. That’s roughly double the NHS’s annual budget. Unfortunately they didn’t find time to explain how they pay for it. Even if one is Chancellor and the other was Chancellor until a week ago.

“They all supported 15 tax increases. Now they act like they just came off the moon and say it should never have happened. Doesn’t he agree that instead of desperately rewriting history, they should at least explain exactly where they’re getting all this money from?”

Mr Johnson replied: “He’s dead wrong. I have listened very carefully and all the commitments I listen to are very clear.

“We will continue to send more police officers onto the streets, whoever is elected, just as we promised.”

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