Thursday, May 5, 2022

Hungry bear tears up cars for lip gloss after being lured by its smell

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The ravenous Colorado bear was attracted to the cars by the smell of the lip gloss and didn’t hesitate to break into them and rip apart the seats inside

A starving bear tore up two cars in Colorado trying to get to the lip gloss left inside.

Seeking a possible food source, the bear was lured by the smell of the lip gloss and broke into vehicles on Friday, tearing up the seats and leaving items in a state of disarray.

The incident was subsequently reported to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, who took to Twitter to alert the public.

They wrote: “Bears know how to open car doors. There was no more food/garbage here, but there was lip gloss. Its smell was enough to entice the bear to look at it. Keep uninvited guests out of your cars by locking the doors and removing anything with a smell.”

According to local media, non-food items such as sunscreen, lip balm, creams and air fresheners left in cars can entice bears to break into the vehicle.

Bears have even been known to break into homes, destroying furniture and other interiors while searching for a food source.

Following that incident, wildlife wardens are urging residents to keep all attractants safe – and have stressed that bears should not feed from trash cans, bird feeders or other human-supplied food sources near homes and businesses.

“Every time a bear gets a treat, a bird feeder, a hummingbird feeder, or trash, it teaches the bears that people mean food,” said Mark Lamb, manager of Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

He continued, “People who think it’s a one-time thing are dead wrong. It’s a big deal when you combine that “once” with the number of “once timers” you get from your neighbors as well. It adds up.”

According to a press release, the organization has received reports of bear activity in 16 counties this year alone.

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