Tuesday, August 9, 2022

How people become members of the Conservative Party and who gets to choose the next Prime Minister

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There are around 175,000 Tory members and this small fraction of the population will decide the next prime minister

The pair edged out Penny Mordaunt in the final round of the MPs vote – Mr Sunak led with 137 supporters while Ms Truss moved up to second with 113 votes and Ms Mordaunt skipped and eliminated with 105.

The next British Prime Minister will be either former Chancellor Rishi Sunak or Foreign Secretary Liz Truss.

Despite Mr Sunak being more popular with MPs, multiple opinion polls have revealed she will defeat Mr Sunak in the next stage – a vote by Tory Party members – and bookmakers have put their favorite in 10th place to succeed Boris Johnson.

There are around 175,000 Tory members and it is this small fraction of the population that will determine the next prime minister.

Here’s what you need to know about Conservative Party membership, how to join, and who’s eligible to vote in the leadership contest.

For most adults it costs £25 a year to join the Conservative Party and if you’re in the armed forces it’s £15.

Anyone under the age of 26 can join for £5 a year and get the same benefits.

More information can be found here.

no You can only vote for membership in party elections after three months to choose leaders or candidates.

That means only those who were already party members when Mr Johnson resigned can choose the next prime minister.

In the coming months, Mr Sunak and Ms Truss will be touring the country gathering support at Hustings.

They each have a budget of £300,000 (excluding travel) to spend on their campaigns.

All events are open to the media, but no questions will be asked by journalists or members of the public.

All hustings are streamed on YouTube. There will also be more televised debates, with the BBC hosting the first head-to-head on Monday night before another debate on Sky News on August 4.

Tory members can vote either online or by mail, with ballots going out between August 1 and 5 before the winner is announced on September 5.

The winner is expected to board No. 10 the next day after Parliament returns from its summer recess.

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