Tuesday, August 9, 2022

How Liz Truss’ speech about cheese spawned countless memes as she competed to become the next prime minister

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Liz Truss’ now infamous cheese remark came during her speech at the 2014 Conservative Party Convention

She narrowly beat Penny Mordaunt to reach the last two of the Tory leadership contest and Conservative Party members will now choose between her and former Chancellor Rishi Sunak.

Secretary of State Liz Truss is now the clear favorite to become the country’s next prime minister.

While Mr Sunak has had the most support from MPs, polls suggest Ms Truss is more popular among members and is likely to win.

If she does, she will succeed Boris Johnson at No 10 and they have one thing in common: they both have their fair share of previous slip-ups.

Images of Mr Johnson hanging from a zip line and flying headfirst into a young child during a rugby match have accompanied him throughout his tenure as Prime Minister.

And as Ms Truss is ready to take on the top job, an old clip of her talking about cheese has resurfaced – and is widely derided.

Ms Truss’ now infamous cheese remark came during her speech at the 2014 Conservative Party Convention.

Discussing British exports, she boasted about “growing wheat more competitively than the Canadian prairies” and sold Yorkshire tea to China, grinning and waiting for applause after each statement.

“When it comes to British food and drink, we’ve never had it so good,” she said.

But then she became stony and told the audience: “At the moment we import two thirds of our apples. We import nine tenths of all our pears. We import two thirds of our cheese.”

After a long pause, she adds: “That. Is. A shame.”

Memes about the speech were all over Twitter during the leadership contest, especially since Ms. Truss did the last two.

“The cheese speech confirms that Liz Truss is the best person to make this country think again,” one Twitter user commented.

In another bizarre moment, Ms Truss once claimed that barking dogs could deter drones from entering prisons.

During a 2019 interview with LBC’s Eddie Mair, she was asked if she was personally affected by Tory-imposed austerity measures and laughed at the suggestion before deciding it wasn’t a “good question”.

After Russia invaded Ukraine, Mr Truss went to BBC One sunday morning program and told the British public she would support them to fight in Ukraine, despite government advice not to risk their lives in the process.

She added to the list just last week on her own leadership launch when she got lost trying to find the exit.

Her own staff laugh at her struggles as they watch from the door.

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