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How did The Crow’s Brandon Lee die? The story behind the tragic death of the Prop Cannon

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What happened to Bruce Lee’s son Brandon on the set of the 1993 film The Crow? How the prop-gun death of Halyna Hutchins stirs up haunting memories of the tragic Hollywood star.

The death of Halyna Hutchins on the set of Rust due to a prop gun incident drew parallels to the tragic death of Brandon Lee 29 years earlier on the set of the comic book film The Crow.

The only son of martial arts expert Bruce Lee, California-born Brandon had martial arts training like his father, while also studying acting and being a fight choreographer.

Though his acting career was tragically cut short, the Oakland native had previously starred in the hit film Legacy of Rage, in which he played detective Johnny Murata alongside award-winning Rocky VI star Dolph Lundgren.

Hollywood, however, lured 28-year-old Lee when he was cast as Eric Driven in Alex Proyas’ highly anticipated film The Crow.

The Crow, which has since garnered a massive cult following, sees the story centered around a murdered musician, played by Lee, who is resurrected to avenge the deaths of himself and his fiancé. The film grossed $94 million at the box office, although after the star’s death, Paramount Pictures decided not to distribute the film.

The gothic superhero film would be Lee’s breakthrough film and was based on James O’Barr’s comic book of the same name.

What is a prop gun? How did a prop gun cause a death in the Alec Baldwin shooting?

The 28-year-old died at EUE Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington, Norton Carolina while filming on the set of The Crow.

Lee was filming a scene where his character Eric Driven is shot at by gang members who forced him to witness the murder of his fiancee Shelly Webster.

In the scene, actor Michael Massee – who has starred in other comic book films such as Catwoman, The Amazing Spiderman and Avengers – plays the funboy role and fires a .44 Magnum Smith & Wesson Model 629 revolver at Driven from about 12 to 15 feet goes into the room.

In an earlier scene, the exact same prop gun was used and fitted with dummy cartridges intended to look more realistic on film.

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