Monday, May 9, 2022

Horror train accident in Austria with one dead and dozens injured after derailment

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A horror train crash has killed one person and injured a dozen others.

The horrifying incident near the Austrian capital Vienna around 6pm on Monday came after a passenger train derailed, but details of how or why were not confirmed by local authorities.

The train was passing the town of Münchendorf on the Pottendorfer route when the fatal accident happened.

Of the 14 people injured in the accident, three are considered serious, according to the Red Cross.

A total of four air ambulances were deployed to the railway in an emergency to take injured survivors to hospital.

Everyone else on board was taken to the Red Cross disaster relief center in Munich.

A dramatic photo of the derailed train shows at least one carriage on its side and another appears to be at an angle on the railroad.

The image of a Red Cross worker in the foreground looks like the front three cars were relatively unaffected by the derailment.

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