Saturday, June 25, 2022

Horror family holiday infestation with worms, rats and cockroaches in the mansion

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Primnapaphas Aite said she still got goosebumps after entering a holiday villa riddled with rodents and insects in Thailand – she shared her horror ordeal on Facebook

A family has been left horrified after they showed up at their luxury holiday villa to discover worms, rats and cockroaches on the property.

Primnapaphas Aite says her dream vacation to Thailand was ruined by the mass infestation that still gives her goosebumps.

She paid 47,000 baht (£1,082.12) for 2 nights at the 8-bedroom property, located in the residential area of ​​Palm Spring in Pattaya, but said it was a disaster from the moment she arrived.

“When I first entered the house, I felt something strange,” she said.

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“There were cockroaches near the swimming pool and in the bathroom on the second floor, and water was leaking from an air conditioner. In the evening we saw a rat running around in the swimming pool.”

Aite said she told the owner about the congestion issue after noticing creepy crawlies had been infesting the entire property.

It was reported that the maid tried to stop cockroaches and rats from entering the building by placing a cloth over a pipe hole.

However, the holidaymaker says more cockroaches have been found entering the property, reports Thaiger.

To urge the owner to take urgent action, she took her ordeal to Facebook and shared the shocking conditions online.

She said the agent who rented the villa to her family offered her a 3,000 baht (£69.08) discount after her post went viral. However, the traveler refused, claiming no one had apologized.

The maid reportedly said she used insecticide to get rid of the roaches, but it didn’t work.

She apologized to the family and said the owner has since contacted pest control to prevent future problems.

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