Sunday, June 26, 2022

Horrifying moment a tiger smashes its teeth into the zoo keeper’s arm after petting him through bars

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WARNING: SOOTHING CONTENT: The zoo keeper was attacked while sticking his hand through the fence and stroking the Bengal tiger, later dying in hospital of a heart attack

A horrifying video has surfaced of a tiger sinking its fangs into a zookeeper’s arm.

The worker, named José de Jesús, attempted to pet the Bengal tiger during feeding time at the enclosure in Periban, western Mexico.

As the footage shows, just before the attack, he sticks his hand through the wire fence while calling for the big cat to pet it.

The animal turns its head, goes to the keeper and kicks the fence with its front paw.

But when the man touches his neck, the big cat’s mood changes and it bites down on José’s right hand.

He screams in agony, but the tiger refuses to let him go.

José was taken to a hospital where doctors suggested amputating his right arm to save his life.

He declined and later died of a heart attack when complications set in.

The grim video footage was reportedly released by the animals’ owner, who kept them at a private zoo, to show the keeper had acted negligently.

The tiger’s owner said he paid the man’s medical bills, adding that he had all the necessary permits.

Local media reported that it is being checked whether the owner of the tigers has permission from the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) to keep the animals.

It has been reported that he also appears to keep a lion and a crocodile in the same place.

Meanwhile, in Indonesia, a man was grabbed by an orangutan and nearly had his leg ripped off as he was being dragged to the cage.

The man is said to have ignored a nearby warning sign saying not to get too close.

He has since apologized for jumping the barrier to see the animal up close.

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