Saturday, June 25, 2022

Hillary Clinton accused Vladimir Putin of “manspreading” in front of the press

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The former US Secretary of State has opened up about her meetings with the Russian dictator and berated him for his sexist behavior, despite being “helpful” in private

Hillary Clinton has blasted “sexist” Russian warmonger Vladimir Putin, who she says “insulted” her when she met him on official business — sprawling before her.

The former US Secretary of State has said in a new interview: “Yes, he was very sexist with me”.

Speaking to the Financial Times, she added: “We had some interesting, even helpful, one-to-one interactions, and then the press was invited in and he said something offensive about America. He would then manspread for effect.”

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Clinton, 74, who narrowly missed out on the 2016 presidential election when she lost to Donald Trump, spoke of meeting the Russian dictator in 2010.

She had previously told TV presenter Stephen Colbert that Putin had a “personal grudge” against her.

“I think it’s part of his worldview,” she said. “Which all has to do with his anger, his disappointment at the collapse of the Soviet Union and his feeling that we are his number one rival.”

She added that the fact that she’s a woman seems to make him “a little bit excited” – and that excitement showed in his body language.

“There’s an expression that we certainly know in New York called ‘manspreading.’ And every time I met him, it was like that [gestures that he spread his legs widely] … the whole thing,” she said.

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It is not the first time that former US presidents have disclosed Putin’s behavior towards them.

According to Politico, George W. Bush once recounted how the Russian leader tried to trump him in dog ownership.

“I introduced Vladimir Putin to Barney, our Scottish terrier [he] dissed him,” Bush said.

“One year later, [my wife] Laura and I visit Vladimir and his wife – this was before he decided to date a gymnast 30 years his junior – and he says ‘I want you to meet my dog’.

“I said, ‘Yeah, sure.’ And I will never forget: there is a huge Russian hound running outside. And Putin says ‘Bigger, stronger and faster than Barney’.”


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