Monday, November 29, 2021

Heroin and ecstasy seizures by Scottish detectives rise sharply

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The amount of heroin police seized from dealers in Scotland has increased by nearly 80%, new figures show.

Officials seized 222.5 kg of the Class A drug from those involved in trafficking and human trafficking in 2019-20 – up from 125.3 kg the previous year and more than four times the 54.1 kg that the Were confiscated in 2016-17.

The latest drug shipments seizures also showed a massive increase in the number of seized tablets containing “ecstasy-like substances” – with an increase of more than 450% from 5,200 tablets in 2018-19 to 28,800 in 2019- 20th

In July, annual figures showed there were 1,339 drug deaths last year – an increase of 75 from 1,264 last year.

The increase in the amount of heroin captured by police has fallen from 731 to 678 despite a decrease in the number of incidents in which the drug has been seized.

But if you look at Class A drugs, the amount of cocaine the police are seizing from dealers has gone down.

In 2019-20, officials seized 130.8 kg of cocaine powder and 4.4 kg of crack cocaine – up from 386.1 kg and 5.3 kg, respectively, in the previous year.

The detailed figures report stresses that “the amount of drugs seized can vary significantly each year and does not necessarily move with the number of seizures”.

The Scottish Government publication added: “While most drug seizures consist of relatively small amounts (usually property-related offenses), annual amounts of drug seizures can be strongly influenced by a small number of large seizures (usually supply-related offenses).”

The Scottish Police seized around 33,295 cannabis plants in 2019-20, up from 25,933 in the previous year and more than twice as many as the total of 16,346 plants seized in 2017-18.

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