Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Heavy weapons for the Ukraine Union demands a quick decision from Scholz

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The German government’s hesitation in delivering heavy weapons to Ukraine is taking too long for the Union. Now the parliamentary group manager of the CDU and CSU has set a deadline.

The Union is pushing for a vote in the Bundestag on the delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine. “If the federal government does not change its mind in the coming days, parliament will be called upon more than ever to vote on the delivery of heavy weapons,” said parliamentary secretary Patrick Schnieder (CDU) of the Rheinische Post newspaper. “The dispute at the traffic lights and in particular the Chancellor’s hesitation on the subject of arms deliveries is more than embarrassing and raises doubts as to which side the federal government is actually on.”

Lists of weapons required by Ukraine that the German armaments industry could supply have been available for weeks. The only thing missing is the approval of the federal government. But Ukraine has run out of time. The form and content of a possible CDU/CSU application for the delivery of heavy weapons would be decided at the beginning of next week.

There are different voices from the traffic light coalition on the delivery of heavy weapons. The chairman of the Europe Committee, Anton Hofreiter, fears that the war will escalate beyond Ukraine if Russia is not stopped. “Due to Putin’s criminal warfare, we have to be prepared for the fact that Russia’s war of aggression will continue for months,” the Green politician told the newspapers of the Funke media group. “By slowing down the energy embargo and the necessary arms deliveries, there is a risk that this war will drag on longer and that Putin will attack other countries.” Hofreiter is again urging the delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine as soon as possible. “The problem is that Putin’s offensive in eastern Ukraine has already begun. New weapons from the West must be delivered as soon as possible, since large parts of the existing Soviet and old Russian material have already been shot up.”

Sara Nanni, Chairwoman of the Greens in the Defense Committee, praised Germany’s “close coordination” with its international partners. “But I would have liked more specific answers,” said Nanni t-online. “Unfortunately, Scholz does not resolve the question marks with this statement. He rather creates new ones for me.”

The FDP defense politician Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann had also joined him in the past few days. After the statement by Chancellor Olaf Scholz, she wrote on Twitter that she would also like “more concrete things”.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz emphasized on Tuesday that Germany could hardly supply Ukraine with weapons from its own stocks. “This is where our options reach their limits,” he said after virtual talks with several heads of state and government on Tuesday afternoon. However, he did not comment on the nature of the weapons. On Thursday it was announced that the federal government was preparing a ring exchange: Slovenia could therefore deliver tanks to the Ukraine and get them replaced from German stocks. The chancellor and large sections of the SPD fear that the use of German tanks in the Ukraine war could provoke Russia and escalate the conflict.

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