Sunday, November 27, 2022

Heads of State gather for the British-Irish Council Summit

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British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Irish Taoiseach Micheal Martin and the Prime Ministers of Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man – Kristina Moore, Peter Ferbrache and Alfred Cannan – were among the delegates attending this year’s conference.

Because of the power-sharing dispute at Stormont, no one from the Northern Ireland government attended.

The event was hosted by UK Secretary of State for International Relations Michael Gove and focused on the theme of sustainable growth and renewal.

Delegates discussed issues such as the cost of living and energy crises, labor and housing shortages, climate change and the ongoing difficulties caused by the UK’s Brexit deal with the EU – including the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Jersey Premier Deputy Moore said: “We are focused on driving sustainable growth by ensuring our key sources of emissions – transport and buildings – are minimised.

“It was insightful to hear how other member courts are addressing this common challenge and how Jersey can learn from their successes to move forward with a focus on resilience. We remain committed to making Jersey a welcoming community for all.”

Deputy Peter Ferbrache, Chair of Guernsey’s Policy and Resources Committee, said: “It has been interesting to see how the Blackpool region is addressing energy resilience and to discuss with the Council leaders’ enthusiasm for strategic opportunities in these islands for the development of renewables.

“I look forward to the BIC Forum evolving and evolving as political relationships between its member administrations continue to adjust and I am sure it will remain an invaluable forum for Guernsey to participate in.”

The next summit of the British-Irish Council is to take place in Jersey.

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