Saturday, June 25, 2022

Guy’s “lucky” escape when a lurking snake bites his butt while he’s sitting on the loo

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The shocked 28-year-old says he was “lucky” that the python lurking in his loo only bit his bum and not his privates, quipping: “Lucky it didn’t bite my balls. “

A guy who was playing a game on his phone while enjoying a quiet bowel movement was bitten on the butt by a snake lurking in his loo.

It is not known if Malaysian Sabri Tazali was playing the once-popular phone game Snake when he was bitten on the butt by the sneaky Python.

But the terrified player revealed he was “lucky” the snake didn’t bite him.

Tazali was using the toilet at his home in the town of Selayang, in the Malaysian state of Selangor, when his “me” time was rudely interrupted by the lurking python.

Tazali, 28, posted photos of the reptile being caught by snake catchers with the message: “Two months ago my butt was bitten by a snake. The snake came out of the toilet.”

He added: “Thankfully it didn’t bit my balls.”

Tazali said he usually spends around 15 minutes playing games on his phone when he goes to the bathroom.

After feeling the snake’s bite on his buttocks, Tazali said he got up, ripped the reptile away and threw it against the bathroom wall.

In a panic, he then broke down the door while desperately trying to open it.

Luckily for Tazali, not only did the snake choose not to bite his privates, but it was also non-venomous.

The young player went to a local hospital to have his wound checked and was given an anti-tetanus shot by doctors.

Meanwhile, the fire department arrived at the house to remove the snake.

Tazali told local media that he was still traumatized by the snake attack and even used a toilet at a nearby mosque instead of his own for two weeks.

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He added that he was disgusted when he yanked “half the snake’s tooth” out of his butt, suspecting it broke off when he “yanked the snake hard” and slammed it against the wall.

Tazali, whose family has lived in the same area for 40 years, said he has since replaced the dark brown toilet bowl with a brand new white one so he can see inside better.

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