Saturday, June 25, 2022

Great white shark ‘mistook British swimmer for seal’ when mauling him to death

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SOOTHING CONTENT WARNING: In February 2022, British veteran Simon Nellist, 35, was bitten to death by a great white shark in Sydney, Australia, and experts believe his clothing may have been a factor in his death

The tragic death of British veteran Simon Nellist from a shark attack in February was one of the most harrowing events of the year – the cruelty of which was felt around the world.

Nellist, 35, from Penzance, Cornwall, was killed when a four and a half meter shark dug its teeth into him while he was swimming off the coast of Little Bay, Sydney.

The brutality of the killing was all the more shocking given that it was Sydney’s first deadly shark attack in nearly 60 years.

And after the horrific incident, a disturbing theory has emerged as to why the shark, which has never been found, decided to attack the swimmer.

Experts Down Under believe the sea monster likely mistook the RAF veteran for a seal because he was wearing a dark wetsuit.

Seals are one of the great white shark’s main prey items and make up a sizeable portion of the marine mammal’s normal diet.

Mr. Nellist, an experienced swimmer, was known to other beach regulars for his unusual habit of wearing the insulating gear, even though the sea was warm at that location.

Barbara, an 85-year-old local swimmer, revealed to the Daily Mail Australia that she knew him from previous trips to the beach, saying: “He always wore a wetsuit but the water here is quite warm and nobody else really wears one.”

In response to the new information, one scientist suggested that the silhouette he created in this attire might appear like that of a seal to the shark below.

dr Chris Pepin-Neff, author of Flaws: Shark Bites and Emotional Public Policymaking, told that it’s “not crazy” that sharks would confuse humans with other mammals in this way.

Sydney’s last fatal shark attack occurred in 1963 when actress Marcia Hathaway was attacked in the city’s Middle Harbor in an incident that shocked the nation.

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