Thursday, December 2, 2021

Gang jailed after targeting celebrity homes in a £ 26 million burglary frenzy

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Three men were jailed Monday after stealing £ 26 million worth of cash, jewelry and gems from celebrity homes.

Jugoslav Jovanovic, 24, Alessandro Maltese, 45, and Alessandro Donati, 44, were detained in Isleworth Crown Court.

The three Italian nationals admitted to carrying out three raids on west London in 13 days in December 2019.

The gang targeted celebrities such as former Chelsea FC midfielder and manager Frank Lampard, 43, and his 42-year-old television presenter Christine, late Leicester City FC owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha and celebrity Tamara Ecclestone, 37.

Mr Jovanovic, who also admitted a conspiracy to commit money laundering and an attempt to convert criminal property between December 10, 2019 and January 31 last year, was admitted on Monday by Justice Martin Edmunds QC at Isleworth Crown Court Sentenced to 11 years imprisonment Maltese and Mr Donati were sentenced to eight years and nine months in prison.

Judge Edmunds QC said the gang selected their targets because of “the celebrity of their residents,” adding, “The burden of breaking a home on homeowners who may be well-known or wealthy is no less than that which is inflicted on them under other circumstances. “

Ms. Ecclestone, the daughter of former Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone, was stolen from her Kensington mansion in December 2019, worth around £ 25 million in money and jewelry, when she was with her family in Lapland.

In a statement read during the trial about the impact on the victim, Ms. Ecclestone said, “It was really awful. I’m so scared I won’t leave my daughter alone in the house at night because I just feel like I trust the people I should trust, me not, I’m not sure if I can trust anyone. I was just so scared. “

Ms. Ecclestone said the loss of gifts from her parents, including a wedding present from her mother, “made me really sad,” adding, “A lot was very personal, I wanted to give my daughter some of the items one day.”

“It wasn’t easy, but I guess now I’m just thinking what if something worse … wires, spikes and such and such, I don’t really want to live my life.”

The gang stole an additional £ 50,000 worth of property from Mr Lampard’s West London home and nearly £ 1 million worth of valuables from Mr Srivaddhanaprabha’s property, which was converted into a shrine after his death in 2018.

Mr Lampard said the crime had “had a major impact” on his overall sense of security, adding, “The fact that my job means I travel frequently is a concern again.

“Neither Christine nor I sleep too well from this incident,” he said. “I would add that while I was previously an unfortunate victim of a crime, particularly a burglary, that incident had a far greater impact on our lives.”

His wife added, “Since my house was broken into, I’ve been much more afraid of being alone in my own home, I trust people to the house less, and I feel insecure in my home.

“I have a young daughter and I feel vulnerable in a home where I have always felt safe and comfortable before. Since the incident I have sometimes struggled to fall asleep because I am sensitive to outside noises because I fear another attack. “

A statement on the impact of the sacrifice on behalf of Mr. Srivaddhanaprabha’s family stated, “Our late father’s residence was a place for reflection and prayer.

“We felt it was the strongest bond with him when he spent his last night there before he died. Since the break-in, our sacred and special connection has been damaged and irreparably injured. “

More to come …

Additional reporting by PA

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