Saturday, January 22, 2022

Frost and fog are spreading across parts of the country

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Frost and fog will threaten some parts of the country in the coming days.

The Met Office, which has urged everyone to “keep the hot-water bottles ready as it’s going to be a cold and frosty night”, has issued a yellow weather warning for fog for Friday and Saturday – which could disrupt travel.

People in the East Midlands, eastern England, north-east Wales, Yorkshire and the Humber have been told to brace for the thick fog and freezing temperatures.

As nebulae are expected to spread overnight, the warning said “some dense nebulae are possible, with visibility potentially dropping to 50-100m in some places.”

According to forecaster Greg Dewhurst, who added that they “will also be in the rest of the country, but maybe not as much, the biggest patches of fog are likely to extend across the eastern parts of Wales to the Midlands and into eastern England dense or as widespread” .

He warned people to be careful when out and about, saying: “If you get up early and by Saturday morning if you travel or go for a walk, there will be some dense patches of fog.

“Be careful when driving as visibility on the roads is limited so you may not be able to see very far ahead.”

The fog and mist patches have the opportunity to form because light winds and high pressure across the UK means the air isn’t moving very quickly.

Mr Dewhurst said: “They will generally start to clear up because the sun is not very strong at this time of year.”

Poor visibility can lead to dangerous driving conditions in some areas, slower travel times for car journeys and possible delays in bus and train services.

Temperatures will drop to as low as -5C in some rural areas of England and Wales, while regions further north and the far west will remain above freezing due to increasing cloud cover.

It will be a cool start with frost on Saturday before turning into a dry overcast day.

The Midlands will see cold -2°C overnight with temperatures as low as 0°C to 5°C elsewhere. Later temperatures will struggle in the cold spell and a high of around 10C is expected in the South West of England.

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