Sunday, June 26, 2022

Florida fishermen arrested after decapitating squid and beating baby sharks to death

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The brutal attacks were filmed by a horrified animal rights activist who went wrong with a ploy on board after claiming she was interested in the stone crab industry

Two fishermen have been arrested after being caught on video brutally decapitating a squid and beating a baby shark to death

Charles Mora, 30, is said to have ripped the octopus’ head off, and Michael Bossert, 52, has been accused of repeatedly hitting the nurse shark against the side of a boat off the coast of the Florida Keys in America.

An activist shared footage of the brutal attacks with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

The shark eventually goes limp at the end of its violent ordeal on video, while the octopus casually and callously has its head ripped off and thrown overboard before being thrown to the ground, where its eight tentacles continue to squirm.

Later, the clip also appears to show a lobster being ripped in half while still alive.

The footage was filmed in November by activist Kerin Rosen, who led the crew to believe she was interested in commercial fishing to join them on board.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission investigator Christopher Mattson reported that Mora “made a violent tearing motion, removing the head and viscera” of the octopus.

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He continued: “Mr Mora went his own way and continued to work. He doesn’t pay attention to the octopus squirming and struggling while suffering in the trash can.”

Rosen, who previously took a hidden camera to a Kentucky horse stable in 2015 to try to prove the use of stun guns, was invited to the fishing trip when she convinced the crew that she had an interest in the stone crab industry.

PETA spokeswoman Moira Colley added: “The crew welcomed the person on board, where they openly recorded workers mutilating crabs and squid and smashing a shark against the ship’s side.”

Bossert turned himself in to police in May and Mora was arrested earlier this month.

The latter was released from prison after meeting a $10,000 (£8,200) bail.

He will now appear in Monroe Circuit Court on Monday.

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