Wednesday, October 27, 2021

"First trip as Federal Chancellor" Wrong tweet on Kurz’s profile causes ridicule

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An accidentally posted tweet on the account of the ex-Chancellor Kurz concerns the network community. The post should actually appear under the name of its successor.

Former Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz remains in conversation – this time a faux pas is causing a stir on his Twitter profile. A false tweet was posted on the account of the former head of government.

The post was obviously intended for the profile of his successor Andreas Schallenberg. “My first trip as Federal Chancellor takes me to Brussels today. I am meeting Commission President von der Leyen and Council President Charles Michel here for talks. My message is clear: Austria is and will remain a reliable partner in the EU,” the tweet said. Schallenberg can be seen in the attached photo.

The mishap was quickly remedied, the post on Kurz’s profile was deleted a little later and instead posted under Schallenberg’s name. For the Twitter users, the incident was a hit: “Oops, the Chancellor accounts swapped,” wrote one user. “Sebastian Kurz travels to Brussels disguised as Alexander Schallenberg,” tweeted a user. Another commented: “The incarnation of Sebastian Kurz. If it says Schallenberg, there is Kurz in it.”

In view of the discussion about a “shadow chancellor Kurz”, the mishap not only caused laughter but also discussions on social media. The users speculated whether the same team was behind the social media profiles of Kurz and Schallenberg.

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