Thursday, December 2, 2021

First death row execution in 9 years when the killer injured his daughter in front of the dying woman

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David Neal Cox, 50, was executed after he shot his wife and sexually abused his daughter. The sadistic killer also made one last meal request that turned the stomach

A death row murderer was executed after kidnapping his wife and two children, shooting the woman, and sexually abusing one of the children before she died.

David Neal Cox, 50, died from a fatal injection at 6:12 p.m. local time on Wednesday in Mississippi State Penitentiary, United States.

It was the first execution in Mississippi in nine years.

In 2009, his estranged wife, Kim Cox, informed police that he had sexually abused their daughter from a previous relationship. The former truck driver spent nine months behind bars before he was released on bail.

On May 14, 2010, Cox carried a gun into his sister-in-law’s Mississippi home, where Kim, her two children, and his stepdaughter lived.

He held his wife and two of the children hostage for eight hours and shot his wife in the stomach and arm during an altercation with the police.

He also sexually abused his stepdaughter three times in front of his wife when she died.

Cox refused medical treatment to his wife during the stalemate, with court documents showing that she asked hostage negotiators for her life.

After police finally arrested him, Cox pleaded guilty to eight charges, including capital murder. In 2012 a jury sentenced him to death.

Mississippi Correctional Commissioner Burl Cain unveiled the killer’s bizarre final meal at an earlier conference.

Cox ate fried catfish and cornmeal with french fries and coleslaw. He finished the meal with a banana pudding.

Cain also said the killer showed remorse.

He said, “He talked about closing the victims, especially his sons, because they took their mother and so on. That is a good thing. He’s pretty normal at this time.

“He did a little [show remorse] this afternoon … I think he qualified it best when he said, ‘I haven’t always been that bad.’ “

Cox had previously petitioned the Mississippi Supreme Court to remove his attorneys who were trying to stop his execution from the case and to dismiss all appeals on his behalf.

In a 2018 letter to the chairman of the court, he wrote that he was “a guilty man worthy of death.”

After the execution, Cain revealed what Cox had said in his final moments.

According to Cain, he said, “I want to tell my children that I love them very, very much and that I was once a good man.”

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