Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Firearm confiscated from the home of the former chief of the Royal Marines days before death

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A few days before his death, police confiscated a licensed firearm from the home of the former chief of the Royal Marines.

Maj. General Matthew Holmes was found dead in a bedroom of his home in Winchester, Hampshire, on October 2nd.

An investigation found the 54-year-old was found hanged after “having a number of concerns” about his service career and marriage.

Maj Gen Holmes was one of the pallbearers at the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh and has served in Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.

From 2019 to April of this year he was Commandant General Royal Marines.

Hampshire Police have confirmed that an armed police force was released on Jan.

A police spokeswoman said:

“A licensed firearm was confiscated. No other people were threatened or arrested in connection with this incident. Armed police took part, but not in an armed role. “

More than 700 mourners, including Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace and senior military officials, attended Maj Gen Holmes’ funeral at Winchester Cathedral on Wednesday.

After his death, his widow published a statement paying tribute to him.

She said, “My husband Matt was a kind, generous man. He was brave and dedicated his life to serving in the Royal Marines; he was so selfless that it was more important than his own career development. “

Prior to the funeral, the new Chief of the Royal Marines, Lt. Gen. Rob Magowan, Commandant General Royal Marines (CGRM), wrote in a letter to senior commanders that Major General Holmes’ death was used to “drive a wedge”. the Navy and the Marines.

He wrote that Maj Gen Holmes found himself in a “bad place” after losing his “dream job”.

Referring to the colors of the shirts worn by the Navy and Marines, Lt. Gen. Magowan said, “The ‘argument’ is to drive a wedge between white shirts and love, which does not help anybody.

“That makes my job as a CGRM more difficult. I can do it, but it also affects the service corps, just as we develop an integrated relationship across the Navy to pursue the Future Commando Force. “

A full investigation into the death of Maj Gen Holmes will take place on February 10, 2022.

Additional reporting by PA

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