Thursday, May 5, 2022

Father dies after being impaled by 84th Bull at festival in front of horrified family

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WARNING: SOOTHING CONTENT: Oscar Rodriguez Calleja was attacked and gored by a massive bull at a festival in Spain’s Valladolid province over the weekend

A father-of-two has tragically died after being brutally attacked by a bull at a Spanish festival in front of his family.

Oscar Rodriguez Calleja, 50, was hit in the groin by the 84th animal while his wife and one of his daughters looked on in horror.

Harrowing footage of the incident showed the father being lifted into the air by the bull’s horns before being thrown back to the ground on Sunday (May 1).

Emergency services rushed to the scene and took him to hospital while his family received treatment after suffering panic attacks in the small town of La Seca.

The rogue bull named Rodillero attacked the father after he was let loose in the street in front of shocked revelers as part of the Fiesta del Verdejo.

Oscar, described locally as a greyhound breeder, was positioned in front of a barrier while others stood behind it for their own safety.

He sadly died after being rushed to the nearby Medina del Campo hospital for emergency surgery.

The event was immediately suspended by La Seca City Hall, which issued a statement after it was revealed the injured man had lost his fight to life.

It confirmed: “A man who was impaled at the start of the celebrations has died.

“The fatal outcome occurred after he was evacuated to the Medina del Campo hospital with a doctor and a nurse who were part of the medical team covering the incident.

“We would like to offer our sincere condolences to his family and friends.”

The festival where the tragedy occurred is an annual event known as Fiesta del Verdejo, which first took place in 2008.

Oscar had traveled from his home in the nearby community of Nava del Rey to attend the celebrations with his family.

In January, a man was fatally impaled by an attacking heifer at a festival in Puerto Serrano, in the southwestern Spanish province of Cádiz.

He was then described as only the second person to be fatally gored with bulls and heifers during an annual festival in Spain since the start of the Covid pandemic.

A 55-year-old man became the first person to die in a bull gore in Onda, in the eastern Spanish province of Castellon, in late October last year.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, several revelers were stabbed to death each year at Spanish festivals where bulls were released into the streets, including the Pamplona-style ‘encierros’.

In 2015, between early July and mid-August, seven people died.

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