Sunday, October 17, 2021

False alarms triggered Australian is said to have stolen tracking devices from great white shark

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In Australia, great white sharks are tagged with a surveillance tag that triggers an alarm when the predatory fish are near the coast. A man is said to have played mischief with one of the transmitters. He has to answer in court.

A man on the west coast of Australia is said to have stolen a great white shark tracking device, triggering a series of false positives. Police in the city of Albany accused the 48-year-old on Wednesday of stealing an “acoustic surveillance tag” used to monitor great white sharks off the coast. The accused has to answer in court on November 4th.

Sharks wearing such a tracking device trigger an alarm if they swim within range of certain receiver devices. 34 such receivers are installed on the coast of the state of West Australia in order to warn citizens of the impending danger in good time. 115 sharks, including great white sharks up to 4.1 meters in size, have been tagged since the program began.

As the newspaper “The West Australian” reported, the man removed the tracking device when the animal accidentally went into his network. He is said to have thrown the shark back into the water afterwards. Between August 13 and September 4, the 48-year-old raised false alarms seven times with his secret trophy.

“It remains an unmarked great white shark, of which we know that he is in the waters off Albany,” said a police spokesman for the Guardian. “In addition, the false alarm causes unnecessary fear among residents and the people who use the water.”

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