Sunday, June 26, 2022

Ex Convict shares the true purpose of prison soap and why you shouldn’t pick it up if you drop it

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Keri Blakinger spent two and a half years in a New York prison after being convicted of drug possession. Now she makes TikTok videos that reveal life behind bars

A convicted felon-turned-journalist has provided an insight into prison life and what inmates use soap for.

Keri Blakinger was arrested in 2010 with six ounces of heroin and spent two and a half years in a New York prison.

After her release, she began working in journalism to try to “amplify the voice of the people who are still in prison.”

She’s now posting a video on TikTok to answer viewers’ question about life in prison, and in one clip, she responded to a question by asking, “What happens if you drop a soap in women’s prison?”

The 38-year-old said: “You don’t pick it up … because the floor is freaking gross, not because you’re being sexually assaulted.”

Keri said a lot of sexual abuse happened behind the bars, but she stressed that jokes about “dropping the soap” were rape jokes and they weren’t funny.

Aside from that, Keri says there is no standard size of soap in US prisons and some of the state prisons give out tiny bars of soap to inmates.

“Also, the soap issued by the prison state is usually awful and not worth picking up,” she continues, then grabs a little green soap.

“This is a bar of soap that I recently liberated from a Texas jail – that’s the full bar. Now in New York jails we got like a whole bar of soap and it was white and looked like regular soap.

“But it was a lot of lies and it was really hard on your skin. I’ve broken out every time I’ve used it, a lot of people have.”

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To put it to better use, Keri said most prisoners use the soap to bleach.

She explained, “We put it in a coffee container with water and it turned into a pasty stuff and then you put it on your clothes and used it as a bleach.”

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