Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Ex-chief investigator Serious allegations against German authorities in the Maddie case

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There has been no trace of Maddie McCann for 14 years, but speculations about her disappearance persist. The former chief investigator has published a second book on the case – in which he questions the German suspect’s guilt.

The former Portuguese chief investigator in the case of Maddie McCann, who disappeared in 2007, Goncalo Amaral, has expressed doubts about the guilt of a new suspect from Germany. The German authorities had “constructed a suspect,” Amaral told the AFP news agency on Wednesday when a new book was presented on the case. Amaral had already suggested in a first book that the parents had hidden the girl’s body themselves after an accident and was then sued.

When he published another book on the case, Amaral said with a view to the German suspect: “If they had something against him, he would have been charged and convicted long ago.” Amaral’s new book on the case comes out under the title Maddie: Enough of the Lies.

In 2015, he had already been sentenced to half a million euros in damages to Maddie’s parents for defamation. However, the judgment was overturned on appeal. The country’s highest court upheld the repeal and ruled that Amaral’s remarks were acceptable “within the framework of an open and democratic society”.

Maddie McCann disappeared from her family’s apartment on May 3, 2007, shortly before her 4th birthday, in a holiday complex on the southern Portuguese Algarve coast while her parents were having dinner in a restaurant. Despite large-scale international searches, the case was never resolved, and there is still no trace of the girl to this day.

Last June, a surprising turn occurred: the Braunschweig public prosecutor opened a murder investigation against an imprisoned German sex offender. Amaral confirmed that the German was on a list of people of interest at the time. The investigators had not been able to find him.

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