Sunday, June 26, 2022

Elon Musk’s blunt message to Tesla employees refusing to return to the office

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk has sent a blunt message to employees at the auto company after being asked on Twitter about a leaked email from Tesla that ended working from home

Elon Musk has delivered a blunt message to Tesla employees refusing to return to office work.

The entrepreneur took to Twitter and issued a stern response to those who asked Musk about an allegedly leaked email from Tesla employees that gave employees an ultimatum.

In a leaked email from Musk, employees at the Tesla company were told they had to “work at least 40 hours a week or leave Tesla.”

A Twitter user asked Musk, 50, for further clarification on the leaked email, and the Tesla CEO responded with blunt clarification.

When asked to comment on “people who think coming to work is an antiquated concept,” Musk seemingly shrugged and replied, “They should pretend to work somewhere else.”

Musk’s blunt response comes after a Twitter user revealed a leaked email in which Musk raged about the work-from-home situation, telling workers they needed to be in the office at least “40 hours a week.”

The scathing email reads: “Anyone wanting to work remotely must be in the office at least (and I mean *minimum*) 40 hours per week or leave Tesla.

“That’s less than what we ask factory workers to do.”

Musk’s angry email continued, “If there are particularly exceptional contributors who cannot do this, I will review and approve those exceptions directly.

“Furthermore, the ‘office’ must be a Tesla headquarters, not a remote branch unrelated to job duties, e.g.

The Tesla CEO’s leaked email to executives appears to have ended the work-from-work structure many companies have been using since the coronavirus pandemic began two years ago.

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