Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Elijah Gorham: Mervo High School player dies after game injury

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Elijah Gorham was an 18-year-old Mervo High School football player, Maryland who died after being injured during a game.

He was remembered by family members as a respectful young man who loved the game of football.

“We are sad to hear of the loss of one of our students and community members. Our thoughts go with Elijah’s family and the Mustang community, ”Baltimore City Public Schools wrote on Twitter. The school’s full name is Baltimore’s Mergenthaler Vocational Technical High School. Gorham was a wide receiver on the high school football team.

Here’s what you need to know:

According to Fox Baltimore, Gorham died after sustaining a brain injury during a game on September 18, 2021. He was hospitalized but died on October 11, 2021. The game was against Dunbar High School.

Mervo High School confirms Gorham’s death in a tweet on October 11, 2021, writing: “Our hearts are heavy today as we mourn our brother and teammate Elijah Gorham. We ask our football community, Elijah’s family, teammates and friends to continue to encourage prayer. “

The school wrote on September 19, “Congratulations to @AthleticsDunbar for a highly competitive game to the end. We absolutely hung up for our city yesterday. Right now our hearts, thoughts, and prayers are with one of our young men. We ask everyone in our coaching / player community to keep praying and asking for restoration. “

You can see the second half of the game in question here.

His mother, Shantres Shaw, told WBAL-TV that Gorham has been playing soccer since he was three and wanted to go to college.

“Elijah is amazing and I love my son. I miss him, “Shaw told the TV station. “Football was his life. He was true to that. He loved the game, everything about football – the loyalty, the brotherhood, the teamwork, ”Shaw said.

The exact nature of his injury was not immediately clear. “We knew he was in a medically-related coma and we felt things were going well,” Mervo trainer Patrick Nixon told Daily Beast. “So today is a bit of a shock for us because we didn’t expect it.” The coach told the Daily Beast that Gorham was “a really good kid through and through.”

Brandon Scott, the Mayor of Baltimore, tweeted, “Elijah Gorham was more than an @HighMervo student athlete. He was a promising young man with an infectious spirit. Elijah’s death is an unspeakable tragedy. My heart goes out to his family and our @MustangGang410 community. # 7strong #mustangpride blue heart. “

Diane Westley wrote on Facebook: “My heart and prayers go to my cousin Shantres Shaw. Their youngest child Elijah Gorham died in hospital today. He died of a soccer brain injury. He loved photography and loved the soccer game at Mervo High School. He was a child who never gave his mother any problems and a very respectful young man. I love you, cousin, we are here for you. “

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