Sunday, November 27, 2022

Electric blankets could be given to people in Plymouth who cannot afford heating

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Labor MP Luke Pollard wants to raise £2,000 to buy 100 new blankets to be distributed by the Plymouth Food Bank.

Mr Pollard said: “My fear is that the energy crisis will only get worse as people go into more and more debt. Even if bills go down in the future, we need to find better, more efficient ways to keep people warm.

“Cold people will create real problems for our NHS, for jobs and for employment. So something as simple as an electric blanket could make a real difference to families in need.”

Stonehouse food bank workers say they’re busier than ever.

From August to November last year, the Tafel fed 2,623 people. In the same period of this year, there were 3,829.

Coordinator Andrew Denham said: “People are asking us to provide food that doesn’t need to be cooked and they are choosing not to turn on their heating to save money.

“Typically Christmas is our busiest time but we are now seeing the kind of numbers we would normally see at Christmas. It will be a challenging time, but thanks to the kindness and generosity of the people, we feel we are in good hands.”

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