Monday, June 27, 2022

Drunk guy almost dragged out to sea by crocodile after hurling rocks at beast

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A drunk guy who hurled rocks at a crocodile almost got dragged into the lake where the female reptile was lying, and authorities warned residents to leave local wildlife alone

A drunk guy who hurled rocks at a crocodile was nearly dragged into the lake after a scaly predator charged at him.

Authorities have not released the name of each spotted slingshot on the reptile, but a fight broke out between the male and female crocodile.

The female reptile is said to have been lying near her egg nest when she pounced on the drunk man who had been throwing stones at the crocodile.

A close encounter for the drunk man occurred in the Mexican community of Villahermosa on La Encantada Lagoon.

The crocodile reportedly grabbed the guy by the bottom of his pants and tried to pull him to the edge of the lake before giving up.

It is not known how badly the man was injured, but witnesses have claimed he was able to exit the incident on his own.

Villahermosa Civil Defense Director José Gómez said: “The person who appeared to have been attacked threw stones at them [the crocodile] and was drunk.

“These animals are in the reproductive phase. She had some eggs and the animal felt attacked and reacted.”

A local firefighting unit is said to have arrived at the scene, where they caught the crocodile and tied it with rope in hopes of placing the reptile and eggs in the care of the Federal Environmental Protection Agency.

Tabasco’s civil protection agency has implored locals to refrain from contact with crocodiles in and around the area and released a statement warning against disturbing the reptiles, Daily Mail reported.

The explanation read: “We make a strong call not to disturb them, so as not to generate defensive attacks.”

Another reptilian encounter in Indonesia left a man missing an arm in a horrific attack reported by the Latest Page News.

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