Monday, November 29, 2021

Drastic measures Vaccination passport counterfeiters could soon face long prison sentences

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The corona situation in Germany is getting worse, now the future traffic light coalitionists want to take drastic countermeasures. However, one area of ​​public life should be spared.

According to the plans of the traffic light parties, forgers of corona tests, recovery or vaccination certificates are threatened with up to five years in prison in the worst case. This provides for a draft for the future Corona regulations, which are to be decided in the Bundestag on Thursday. The draft, which was available to the German Press Agency, was discussed in the main committee of the Bundestag on Tuesday evening.

According to this, the production and also the knowledgeable use of not only falsified vaccination certificates should be punishable in the future. The regulation clarifies the criminal liability in the event that an “unauthorized person” issues a test, it is said. Knowingly using false test evidence “with the purpose of deception” is also punishable. In particularly serious cases of “unauthorized issuing of health certificates”, if “the perpetrator acts on a commercial basis or as a member of a gang”, imprisonment should be possible from three months to five years.

In addition, the plans provide that employees and visitors are only allowed to enter clinics and care facilities with a daily negative corona test. In the case of employees who have been vaccinated or have recovered, testing should also be carried out by means of antigen tests for self-application without monitoring, i.e. by means of a self-test. A PCR test should be enough twice a week. The obligation to test should also apply in facilities for people with disabilities.

However, the possible traffic light coalition does not want to provide for a mandatory vaccination for facilities such as nursing care for the time being. It was said that a decision should be made in the next few weeks.

The draft of the traffic light parties also states that employers should check compliance with the planned 3G rule in the workplace on a daily basis. Employees should therefore no longer be allowed to enter workplaces where “physical contact” with others cannot be ruled out without proof of vaccination, recovery or daily test evidence (or a maximum of 48 hours old PCR test). The entry ban should not apply in the event that employees take the test directly in the company.

Companies are currently still required to offer two tests per week. In addition, there has recently been a free weekly citizen test again. With five working days, those who have not recovered without a vaccination will probably have to take two tests per week at their own expense.

According to the draft, all employers are obliged to “monitor compliance on a daily basis by means of verification checks and document it regularly”. This is justified with the large number of companies and the “limited capacity of the responsible supervisory authorities”. Employees are obliged to submit appropriate evidence on request.

The plans for the reintroduction of the home office obligation are also becoming more specific. They roughly correspond to the regulations that were in effect until June of this year: Employees with “office work or comparable activities” must be able to work from home, unless there are operational reasons against it, such as processing mail or issuing goods or materials. Employees must accept the home office offer, unless work is not possible at home, for example because it is too tight or too loud or because the necessary equipment is missing.

The prohibition of assemblies and religious gatherings should be excluded in the future, as can be seen from the draft resolution. The federal states should also no longer be allowed to suspend face-to-face teaching in schools. The 3G principle is to be newly introduced in local and long-distance public transport, including air traffic, as the amendments further show. The SPD, Greens and FDP had already announced this, but left details open. 3G means that everyone who has not been vaccinated or recovered has to show a negative corona test.

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